Sample Configuration Files

A lot of colleagues, *nix users and hacker friends of mine see some of my configurations (usually in a geek bunker pic here and there and/or sundry screenshots I have posted) this section has copies of those few I think are worth sharing for site readers and fellow geeks.

This file feeds a routine in my bash_profile which changes the title of an Xterm (and only and Xterm to the best of my knowledge) after a carriage return; by itself this file does nothing.
GNU coloring is, simply put, cool. My dir_colors file has my (as of this version) current settings plus all of the codes listed so anyone can customize their own colors. Note your bashrc or bash_profile need to be setup to eval this file correctly.
Many Linux users are well aware of this file's purpose, my bashrc contains a wicked cool method to change prompt colors, it calls xterm_titles to fill in Xterm title names and sources my dir_colors file to colorize files by type. In addition I have hooks to print the size and special meaning characters.
Herrie is a command line curses based music player. It works rather well and is excellent for those not looking for an alternative to the sometimes heavy handed (that is code) graphical music players out in the open source world.
Admittedly my Xdefaults file is tame relative to most hackers, my only answer to that is the window manager I like to use answers my minimalist needs. In any case take note of the file as one can use predefined X colors or define colors using the #RRGGBB format.
This is a vim color pack I downloaded from (there are more I am sure) which is quite extensive - note some of them do not work in the console at all and are designed for gvim use only.
A definite snap in time; my vimrc calls out my personal vim theme; but there are a few neat settings in it.
Since the matrix name was taken (for a rather cool gvim theme I might add) I named my theme after the console matrix generator program cmatrix.