Fri Feb 14 21:43:49 EST 2014

pwutils-0.6 Available

The single line print format for pwutils never worked right. Well now it does. The pwutils collection are some very small programs written in C, Perl, Python and Bash that do, among other things:

  • Userinfo print similar to BSD systems
  • Group report
  • Various user reports
  • A kinda sorta like the pw utility pwutil front end.

Should build and run on almost any Unix/Linux/BSD system.

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Sat Jan 25 17:13:34 EST 2014

Leetness of Simplicity

I was thinking about doing another article about X windows when I realized not much has changed on the surface. So instead, to tide us over until I finish the current article I snagged a few old school simple window manager pictures from Xwinman.

xshot   xshot

xshot   xshot

Wed Oct 30 12:40:00 EDT 2013

New Website: Working Title phantasmrx

For anyone who knows anything about me outside of my work/hacking stuff (that would be non-computer) you know I have two other past times I am pretty passionate about: surfing (as in waves not the world wide wait) and skateboarding (additionally longboarding and surfskating... all distinctly different). For a couple years I have been kicking around in my head that I really wanted to ink out some of my thoughts on those; specifically my perception of them which I have noticed, is vastly different than what most people would think. It would be really cool if there was some reasonable way to integrate those thoughts into this site (and maybe there is and I haven't stumbled on it yet) but this site has its own thing (which I have yet to easily define other than weird interesting one off *nix stuff... which I think is as good as it will ever get).

For the time being, this site idea is being prototyped, beta, whatever - on this same webserver. That means hellish chaos may grip it at any given time as I work out the design (flaws...) and hastily reddit my own awful writing. In the meantime, take a look if you are interested:

Sat Oct 26 18:53:41 EDT 2013

Using Payloads to Probe UDP Ports

With no lubricant! A few years ago I was involved in an effort to move the payloads that were embedded in the Nmap code (and hence, compiled into the executable) to a file. I learned a lot, especially that I am a lousy C++ coder (my work basically had to be rewritten from scratch... but it was still fun!). I did learn one thing though, Maps in C++ are really friggin cool and if I were a C++ programmer I would probably use them every chance I could. They kinda sorta remind me of anon hashes in Perl ... but not exactly the same. Regardless, here is a short text on why we did it and an overview of how it works:


Wed Aug 28 12:01:55 EDT 2013

Vignette Effects using The GiMP

Ever wanted to process your own photos so they look older (for some strange reason)? A quick down and dirty how to add some vignette and edge shading effects to images using the GNU Image Manipulation tool or GiMP. Enjoy, have fun and if you find mistakes... I might fix them!